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Barbara Hellman Goldstein Becomes President of Media Power Advertising

On April 11, 2014, Media Power Inc (d/b/a Media Power Advertising) board of directors named Barbara Hellman Goldstein as President.
Barbara succeeds Judith Kaufman who has been President since May, 1985. Barbara and Judy co-founded the company, and soon after were joined in partnership by Ronald Kaufman. Media Power started as a media buying service and soon expanded to a full service agency when clients requested more services.

Media Power's clients range from local retailers to regional accounts to Fortune 500 companies. The common thread between all clients is their desire for strategic thought-leadership, results and accountability.

"One of our first clients was Holland's, a local hair loss studio who was a member of a national franchise, HRS- Hair Replacement Systems." Barbara reflects "One day we received a call from the HRS owner stating that the technicians took all his clients to another location and he was left with a shell of a company. Rather than close his doors, we implemented a direct response television campaign. Within 3 months HRS had new clients and was in the black. This got the attention of the franchise president, and before we knew it, MPA was working with over 50 hair loss studios across the US. Media Power now works with the largest hair distributor in the world and provides marketing, creative and media services to their retail clients. It's been an incredible relationship. Not only are hair people fun to work with, their hair loss clients are so appreciative to learn about services and new technology. It can be emotional and extremely rewarding."

Technological inventions and generational shifts have created The Perfect Storm in the world of advertising. Baby Boomers, still a major demographic group, no longer control and dictate purchasing habits and media dollars are rapidly shifting from mass media to digital. Long ago broadcast buys on 4 local television stations could reach 99% of the market; now there are thousands of video options beyond the local stations to cable, satellite and digital. Recognizing these shifts over the past two decades, MPA has learned to incorporate the benefits of mass media with the new technology of digital. Through Barbara's leadership, MPA expanded services to include website development, search engine marketing and optimization, and social media.

"Programmatic marketing and algorithms are as important today as Nielsen ratings have been" Barbara states "Buying media goes beyond the ratings and cost negotiations. It requires laser focus targeting the right person with the right message, engaging them and tracking results. Anyone can place a media buy. It's the strategic planning and though-leadership that makes Media Power different."

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  • Media Power Advertising pioneered the use of infomercials for this product targeted to men – the toughest end user of personal appearance products.Securing infomercial time, negotiating the costs and performance expectations, coordinating the telephone response and fulfillment programs, and analyzing media performance week-in-week out is one of our specialized areas. We're the industry leader in this category including the expanding women's market. We also produce DRTV half-hours and spots.

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