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Why Blogging On Your Website Is Important

Ok. It's a new year and time to establish priorities and goals. And, adding blogs to our website is number one! But why? What is the benefit of blogging? Here's 5 reasons why blogs are important.

1. Keeps content on your website fresh.

Blogs are a good way to add news-worthy information to your website and give more depth to topics. Blogs are a way to expand information without having to update the website copy content. It's a way of adding comment and editorial on current events within your industry. More pertinent content can be rewarded with better organic visibility.

The more content on your website, the greater opportunity for search engine web-crawlers to establish your website relevancy and increase your search engine ranking.

2. Builds Authority and Expertise Within Your Industry

Providing opinions and current information about your industry helps to establish you as the 'expert'. Blogging on your website gives you a forum to address industry-related insights and information. You can build trust and credibility. Visitors will return to your website more often to gain knowledge, positioning you as the expert in your field.

3. Increase Search Engine Traffic

Blogs are a good way to build key words and long-tail search queries. Long-tail are phrases that people will use to search topics. More content you can add to your website, the more pages can be indexed by search engines which increases the organic search visibility which then generates more website traffic. The more blogs and content posted, the greater the chance of ranking for various key words.

4. Supports Your Social Media Strategy

So often people search the internet to find pertinent, news-related information to post and promote in their social media. Sharing others' content in your social media is good, but it's better to actually share your blogs which then drives traffic back to your website.

Promoting your blogs on social media is a great way of showing your business personality, sharing opinions and topics that are of interest and concern to you. What better way to establish your 'soap box' to share ideas. It's a good way to increase your likeability and popularity.

5. Increases Business Opportunities

Hubspot reports that the more pages a website has, the greater number of leads generated. Active blogging means a business is active and thriving. I for one, get so caught up in working my business, I forget about my website. So, my new year's resolution is to show the public we're alive and well.

Another important fact from Hubspot is that businesses who prioritize blogging realize a 13x increase in ROI over businesses who have stagnant websites.

Blogs help establish your business identity and personality. The more exposure, the greater business opportunities.

For more information on blogging and search engine optimization, call Media Power Advertising at 704-896-0310.

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    One client hired MPA to conduct a sample audit of their in-house media department. They selected three markets- Dallas, Charlotte and Pittsburgh. We audited their entire process – from plans to buys, from invoices to payment vouchers.They advertised weekly entertainment events so it was important that spots run as ordered. Most radio stations demanded payment in advance because entertainment clients are considered "transient" advertisers.To our client's surprise (but not ours) the media performance audit revealed that not one single radio station ran their schedules as ordered. Traffic was wrong, critical days were missed, the number of spots varied, but the client was paying 100% for the advertising as ordered.

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