• Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

The simultaneous changes in technology, media consumption and generational habits have changed the marketing “game” for all time. The Plan, The Plan, The Plan is THE most important part of any advertising campaign. It’s the game changer. Media effectiveness is only as good as the strategic plan behind it. Stretching dollars is always at the forefront. So are consumer mindset, social behaviour, programmatic metrics and return on investment. Breaking through the advertising clutter and ROI are the ultimate destination of the media roadmap.


Traditionally, the marketing process was to move consumers through the marketing funnel from unawareness to awareness, to comprehension, to conviction, to action. Media reach and frequency, publicity and sales efforts moved the consumer through the funnel combating the negative forces from competition, sales resistance and even memory lapse.
In today's marketplace, the purchase decision is no longer linear. With over 92% of Americans owning cell phones and access to computers, all kinds of information is available within seconds. Recency becomes a stronger strategy, meaning the most recent advertising message before making a purchase decision is the most important. Marketers can now target a narrow audience to match their consumer base.


The post-sell has become as important as the pre-sale. The marketing spectrum has now turned on its side! With on-line reviews everywhere, managing your business reputation is as important as your marketing efforts.



All media has an audience and all media has success stories. If they didn't, they would be out of business. The questions are:

  • How does their audience match up to your consumer base?
  • How much of their audience is wasted due to mismatched demographics, geographics, and psychographics?
  • Are their rates cost-effective?
  • How does your product and services match up to their content?
  • Have you set up criteria for measuring results?

The media plan takes all this into consideration and more! Strategies and tactics are customized to meet your budget and goals.


Media Power Advertising is a media solutions company unique in our strategic thinking and expertise. Our Power Team approach to media planning and buying provides in-depth cross-platform media thinking and support to ALL CLIENTS regardless of budget size. Team experience crosses all media channels on a national, regional, and local level. Media anywhere, anytime, anyplace: Traditional, Digital, Multi-Cultural, Television, Cable, Radio, Out-of-Home, Direct Response, Social, SEO, SEM, Magazines, On-line Interactive, Product Placement, Celebrity Endorsements and more, reaching into all markets within the US.

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  • 18Oct2019

    Audience Measurement Methodology Is Changing How Advertisers Buy TV

    Television has always been a medium of mass marketing. Back when 4 networks dominated broadcast (CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX) a commercial on each network at the same time, called a road-block, would reach 99% of the viewers. Audience measurements by A.C. Nielsen traditionally typecast viewers by age and gender. And advertisers have spent billions of dollars targeting these broad segments, such as Women 25-54 or Adults 18+.

  • 20Mar2019

    Television Remains Dominant Medium

    Media habits are changing at an exponential rate as consumers find new paths to viewing television programming, creating much confusion for advertisers in how to reach their prospective audience. The majority of broadcast television viewing is via cable and satellites, however, the rate of disconnect is alarming. Streaming video through internet access is rapidly changing how advertisers allocate funds and purchase media buys.

  • 10Jan2019

    Why Blogging On Your Website Is Important

    Ok. It's a new year and time to establish priorities and goals. And, adding blogs to our website is number one! But why? What is the benefit of blogging? Here's 5 reasons why blogs are important.

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  • Another ad agency actually recommended that we take over their client! They really liked the client and the client liked them, and the presidents of both companies were even friends. But traditional advertising agency culture does not mesh with franchise entrepreneurs. Their staff structure and experience just didn't match the Franchise Culture.Since Media Power Advertising took over the Mid-Atlantic Franchisees, the area has led the company in sales growth, unit expansion, and ticket average. We also handle their national mystery shops.

    I've worked with many ad agencies, but when it comes to the intricacies and unique situations associated with franchising, no one understands it better than Media Power Advertising.

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