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Blogging achieves so many important benefits. The most obvious purpose is to provide fresh and relevant content to your website, thereby increasing opportunity for search engine optimization and reasons for visitors to come back to your website.

Blogs also help promote your expertise on subjects relevant to your business and of interest to your customers.

So often, as business owners, we get caught up in the day to day and forget about our long term goals. No different than the shoe maker who has holes in his shoes, I have been guilty of the exact issues that I criticize my clients of doing. I have failed to add new blogs to my website for a very long time. This is my new resolution . . .I will provide timely blogs on my website!

Blogs became an important marketing tool in the 1990's. The original concept for Blogs was to create a journal to share a person's opinions, feelings, experiences on different topics. At first they were called "Web Logs" and then reduced down to "Blogs". Many marketers first thought that blogs should be on a separate website, and that's how WordPress came to be, as a blogging platform. By having a different website and then doing deep links back to your website was an SEO practice that no longer applies.


1. Generate Traffic To Your Website
2. Increase Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
3. Educate The Market
4. Brand Leadership - Connect With Your Clients


A business can increase traffic to their website by writing blogs pertinent to topics of interest to current and prospective clients. Then these blogs can be posted and promoted on social media, driving traffic back to your website. Through use of various topics, a broad range of prospects can be targeted.

Get creative with your blogs. Different people in your company can contribute to offer a wide variety of topics. Some examples;

• Testimonials - Have a satisfied client provide an article about their experience with your company. They can tell their story about your product(s) and service(s) and how it changed their lives. Or, write a third-party observation of a client's success story.

• Product Demonstration - Provide information about a product that may be confusing to the general public. Maybe the benefits of the product aren't obvious and more information is needed.

• Current or New Trends in Your Industry - Everyone is interested in 'new and improved'. What is the newest trend in your industry? How can the consumer get this product or service?


Businesses need to add fuel to their websites. By adding more unique content to your website and using important key words and phrases, this helps search engines build your relevancy within your industry. The more content, the more credibility and importance.


In the world of 'fake news' it's important to provide correct information about your company, your industry, products and services. Pass on your knowledge. Provide a source of correct and truthful information.
Blogs are a great way to bring up a topic and provide the truthful facts.

Be a source of information that people can reference often. This builds your reputation and drives visitors back to your website over and over.


Blogging provides an outlet for demonstrating your industry knowledge and leadership. Write about issues and trends within your industry that can help build better customer service and relationships with your clients.

Provide unique information about your business and industry that can't be easily found elsewhere. Get ahead of the curve providing in-depth, accurate information about new products and services or trends that are just happening. Be the source for new data.

Help your clients translate this information into their own use and benefit. Show them how you can help provide a better life for them.


So many of our clients say they don't write blogs because they don't have time. And, more of a concern is determining what to write. It's called the fear of the blank sheet of paper. Let Media Power Advertising help you get past these roadblocks. We can provide a team that will seek to understand your business and industry, do the research and homework, and write blogs on a monthly basis for a reasonable fee.
For more information, reach out to [email protected] or call 704-567-1000 for more information.

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  • Have you ever wondered if you are really getting all the media exposure you pay for? Do you know where the hidden costs are if your staff or your ad agency is not skilled at forecasting rating points? Do you know how often the stations on your buy run the wrong traffic or fail to deliver the planned GRPs?

    Do your customers allow YOU to charge for products and services that weren't delivered as ordered? Do you know many ad agencies and advertisers do exactly that? You shouldn't pay for media that doesn't run as projected, negotiated and ordered; but you probably do if you aren't conducting media performance audits.

    One client hired MPA to conduct a sample audit of their in-house media department. They selected three markets- Dallas, Charlotte and Pittsburgh. We audited their entire process – from plans to buys, from invoices to payment vouchers.They advertised weekly entertainment events so it was important that spots run as ordered. Most radio stations demanded payment in advance because entertainment clients are considered "transient" advertisers.To our client's surprise (but not ours) the media performance audit revealed that not one single radio station ran their schedules as ordered. Traffic was wrong, critical days were missed, the number of spots varied, but the client was paying 100% for the advertising as ordered.

    I thought we were running a pretty tight operation until MPA conducted a performance audit. The annual impact of this slippage easily cost our company over $250,000 per year. We believe in the MPA way of guarding our money.

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